Website: www.recreationoutlet.com


Recreation Outlet was founded in 1987 in Salt Lake City in response to the need for a reliable source of quality off-price camping equipment. Although our beginnings were modest, we have grown into one of the country’s largest suppliers of outdoor gear and clothing – both closeouts and in-line products. We operate three brick-and-mortar stores in Utah and enjoy a thriving web presence.

We love the outdoors and we’re blessed with an expert crew of experienced outdoor enthusiasts. They are typically not with us for the big bucks, but they like what they do and they do it well. From day one, we’ve been totally obsessed with providing great customer service. Our stores are not “self-service” operations and we welcome your calling our offices if you have questions on any potential purchase. We’re happy to talk.

Big name brands are great and we sell loads of them, but we’re savvy enough to know that many times the best known brands do not represent the best value. For over twenty-two years, we have scoured the planet for the best sources of outdoor gear. Some of our gear is manufactured for us in the same factories that produce the name-brand products, and is nearly identical. Needless to say, we can save you about 30 to 50% on such items. Our customers (thankfully we have a large, loyal following) love this. This is what we do…save you money on top-quality outdoor equipment and clothing.

So, don’t be afraid to give us a try. We’re well known in the outdoor industry, and we’ll always do our best to earn your trust and make sure you are happy.