Gear Review: Edgeness Women’s Adventure Pants

I spent all day moving through ice and snow, and stayed completely dry the whole time..


While preparing for my trip to Ouray, CO for some ice climbing, I was trying to find a good pair of soft-shell pants that I could easily move in. Usually I just layer under my Prana Halle pants, but I was worried they weren’t going to be warm enough for a weekend in the snow. I had heard a lot of good things about the Edgeness Adventure Pant, and they were flying off the rack at work, so I figured they’d be a good one to try. Friends and customers had said they’d used the Adventure Pant for everything from hiking to snowboarding to climbing to just lounging around the house.

The pants come in a multitude of colors (but I highly suggest the dual-color pants because they all look super rad): blue, purple, black, gray, green and black, black and purple, purple and orange. They run a little small, so I ended up sizing up by one size. If I had gotten my regular size, the pants would have fit, but would have been tight and limited mobility. The next size up allowed for a looser fit around the thighs and knees, but still kept the pant looking slim around my calf. I had much more maneuverability, and wasn’t worried about ripping any of the seams when I lifted my knees high. A note: Recreation Outlet also carries these pants for women in short, regular, and long inseams which can be so hard to find.

I wore these pants for three days straight while I was on my trip.


I usually run pretty cold, and staying warm is pretty much always my main concern on camping trips. These pants have a fleece lining on the inside that helped provide enough insulation that when worn with leggings underneath, I felt perfectly fine while standing around belaying or just hanging out at camp in the evenings (which often dropped to around 10°F).

The last time I went ice climbing, I remember climbing essentially in a waterfall, so I was hesitant to go with a softshell pant. But, Edgeness Adventure uses a polyester/polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) fabric blend for these pants. Which in this case is just important to know because it means that the pants repel liquid. So they are relatively light-weight and water resistant. I spent all day moving through ice and snow, and stayed completely dry the whole time. I was also worried about tearing them with my tools or on sharp ice while I was moving up a climb, but they seemed pretty tough and were able to hold up to almost anything (I accidentally tore a hole in them with my crampons the last 10 minutes I was in the ice park…but otherwise they handled everything!).



All in all, I was pleasantly surprised with these pants. They held up better than I expected them to upon seeing their $22.99 price tag (the men’s pants are slightly more money, ringing up at $27.99). Sometimes it seems like finding a pant to simply keep myself warm and dry can be so difficult, but the Edgeness Adventure Pant got the job done. Plus, I think almost every other climber I walked by commented on how rad they were, so they gain some points there too.

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