Empower your inner she-wolf

Empower your inner she-wolf with these must-haves from Recreation Outlet

  1. Darn Tough Socks
  2. WT Puffy Vest and Jackets
  3. Coal and Dakine Beanies
  4. Go Girl
  5. Crampons
  6. Hydro Flask (and Stickers)

Ever since I first put these hot mamas on my toesies, I’ve vowed to never let another sock into my wardrobe. In fact, I’ve thrown out any sock that doesn’t bear the Darn Tough name. Made in Vermont, these merino wool gems are guaranteed for life! If the warranty isn’t reason enough, these socks have the perfect level of compression; they hug your feet tightly, without leaving you with that strange itch at the end of the day that most other brands tend to do. The merino wool naturally keeps your feet dry and fights odor. So much so, I’ve broken my own rule to never wear socks more than one day because of how fresh they remain, even after a full day of use. Plus, they come in a variety of colors and styles that can be mixed and matched with a multitude of outfits and uses: everyday, running, biking, hiking, hitting the slopes and aprés ski! Darn Tough or bust!


Server HD:Users:Rec Outlet:Desktop:Wildy Tech Puffy.JPG


Also guaranteed for life are our Wildy Tech Puffies. Timeless classics, which stay in style year after year, they come in an array of cuts: vest, collar or hooded jacket, and my personal favorite – the hooded parka. Why spend twice as much when you can get twice as many?! Trust me, you’ll win over the affections of whoever you gift these to during the holidays.

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Beanies are another every-day staple to my wardrobe. But why, must I ask, are they $25-$50 for a little piece of fabric?! Rec has the same sentiment as I do, so they sell Coal and Dakine beanies for $3/each! Again, that’s basically ten beanies for the same price as you’d buy for one of the same exact brand/style online! I now have two drawers designated to simply beanies. No matter the outfit, I have the perfect head-topper to match. (Plus, I can pass these out as gifts, instead of stocking stuffers, and no one is more the wiser.)

Server HD:Users:Rec Outlet:Desktop:Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 1.48.00 PM.png

Now, onto a more private matter: why should guys be the only ones who can write out sweet nothings with yellow snow? Times up! Go Girl now allows you to own this power as your own! These pee funnels, which also have an extension accessory for added accuracy, allow you to stand up and make your mark on the world. Snow murals not your thing? Don’t fret – Go Girls are a must-have for any festival or event with absurd lines for the loo. Stop wasting your money standing in line, and get your full money’s worth by spending time with friends and actually getting to enjoy the full performances!

While we’re on the subject, although they sound like medicated tampons to alleviate cramps, Crampons are the perfect winter accessory for your shoes. Stop tip toeing in slick conditions by strapping on these traction spikes to get where you’re going on time!


Server HD:Users:Rec Outlet:Desktop:Hydro Flask with Stickers.JPG


Last but not least, our most essential need: hydration. Whether to quench your thirst, to warm your soul, or to ease your worries, Hydro Flasks keeps your cold beverages cold and hot beverages hot far longer than any other product on the market! Again, their variety of colors and styles perfectly match any outfit or purpose; they even have wine or cocktail containers! A Hydro Flask seems to be everywhere you look, so make sure to stock up on our Colorado Art Stickers to makes yours undeniably you!


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