Wilderness Technology Honu 60L Pack

Gear Review: An Overnight Trip with the Wilderness Technology Honu 60L Pack

As I was about to get off work for the day, I noticed the Honu sitting in our demo bin, beckoning for an overnighter. The Honu is a 60L backpack made by Wilderness Technology, Recreation Outlets in-house brand, meaning it comes factory direct for an awesome price of $88.99 with a common-sense lifetime warranty. It’s a great pack for multi-day trips into the backcountry with adjustable shoulder straps, front and side pockets, easy side access to the entire pack, hip belt pockets, and is made out of a durable 600D Polyester. The Honu is a very sleek pack that looks and feels a lot more expensive than it costs.

I moved everything from my already loaded pack into the Honu rather quickly. The open top design made it especially easy to pack and organize, because I could simply drop my gear into the desired section, with easy access to all areas through outer zippers. The adjustable shoulder straps were much easier to adjust to the right length than many other packs I’ve fitted. I was super pleased with how quick and easy it was to load and adjust the Honu. Lastly, I decided to go without the lid on top, because it doubles as a fanny pack, which is perfect for day hikes, but simply extra weight on a short trip such as this.

The hike I did was only a few miles, so I couldn’t quite test the Honu’s comfort extensively. It was pretty comfortable throughout my hike with no complaints. I liked that the Honu is covered in daisy chains to attach extra gear on the outside of the pack. I used these webbing chains as well as some other external straps to rig down my water bottles, pant legs, car keys, and tent poles, with plenty of room for more. There are also straps on the top and bottom to attach a sleeping pad, climbing rope, or any other large items you may not have room to fit inside.

When we finally made it to our campsite, unloading the Honu was just as easy as putting everything in. I simply unbuckled the top and reached into the separate pockets to grab whatever gear I needed. Ease of access was definitely one of my favorite aspects of this pack, the open top design made it very easy to pack/unpack and organize while the external zippers allowed for quick access to all my items on the trail.

Although I didn’t get to use the Honu very extensively, I can confidently say that it is a great pack for the price. I was pleased with its performance as well as how many nice design features it has. My biggest gripe with the pack is the weight, coming in at 4.6 pounds, it is not light by any means. However, the pack isn’t trying to be a lightweight contender, it’s aim is to be a versatile multi-day pack with solid features at a very low price, which it does very well at. I highly recommend this pack to anyone that is looking for a great multi day pack without breaking the bank.

Written by Hunter Iverson,

Recreation Outlet

Sales Associate at the Ogden store



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