Wilderness Technology Hammock Gear Review

As we all strive to answer adventures call, it is critical that you bring the correct gear with you. On a recent conquest to the beautiful island of Oahu, I decided that a necessary piece of gear to bring with me would be my Wilderness Technology Double Hammock.

I will admit that my hammock is dated, and has now been updated with a new packing design that offers a cinch strap around the circumference of the stuff sack that allows for maximum compression of the hammock, which would have been perfect for cramming into a tight suitcase.

This hammock was so easy to sling up in any location. Upon purchasing its companion accessories, daisy chain tree straps, I was able to properly adjust and hang my hammock from any sort obscure location. My younger brother also joined me with his early addition Wilderness Technology Double Hammock.


Our reasoning behind purchasing a “double” sized hammock rather than a “single” sized hammock comes down to our main reasons for hammocking. We like to hammock camp when we go backpacking and when you plan on sleeping in a hammock overnight, it is nice to have the extra space that a double hammock offers. You sleep better and comfier throughout your trip, double hammocks are also nice because you can fit two people in one due to their incredible ability to hold up to 400 lbs!

Wilderness Technology brand hammocks are covered by a Common-Sense Lifetime Warranty that ensures against manufacturer defects, so just know that if you purchase this product that it can be trusted. Recreation Outlet has these hammocks for a killer deal that competitors cannot even compare to; double hammocks for $39.99, single hammocks for $29.99, and hammock hanging kits for $22.99. Other accessories that are available for purchase are; extra carabiners, extra tree straps, wing tarps in two styles and three different sizes of each, mosquito bug nets, and even tree lights. Thanks Recreation Outlet for hooking it up and making my vacation down time so rad.


Brooklyn Smout

Recreation Outlet, Ogden Store

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