Waterfall Canyon With Quality Company

Waterfall Canyon with Quality Company

If you’ve spent any time in Ogden, then you should be well acquainted with the well-known Waterfall Canyon Hike. This quick family friendly adventure that starts at the 29th street trailhead and is very popular among people in the area.

Unlike most trails in the wintertime that decrease in popularity, this one does not. After this waterfall has frozen over, it remains a spectacle that people still hike to. A moderate 2.5 miles of trail with some steep incline and rock scrambling is the only thing that stands between you and this beautiful sight. Oh, did I mention that dogs are allowed too?

Two very good friends of mine and I decided that we would take a Saturday morning adventure to hike up to this waterfall. Decked out in all our sweet gear, we were plenty warm and safe, especially with our Yaktrax and Adventure Research Traction Spikes.

The trail was fairly slick, but mostly packed down snow. The worry of slipping on ice came from all the rocks near the top of the trail that were splashed with water from the waterfall. With the help of some sort of traction to wear on your footwear, one would be perfectly capable of making this ascent.

Hiking with friends has got to be one of my favorite pass times. There are so many benefits to being together in the outdoors with them. Safety should always be your number one priority when hiking, so why not hike with others? There is safety in numbers. This also creates many memories that you can look back on through the changing of the other seasons.

If you’re looking for a packing list for a hike such as this one, look no further! Things you’ll need for a hike such as this one is as follows:

  • Layers: Start off by wearing less layers than you think you’ll need. Then you won’t have to stop as frequently to take off layers as you get warmer from your hike. Pack extra layers just in case in your daypack.
  • Water: even if you’re surrounded by snow you should still be drinking plenty of water on your hikes. If you think you can survive off the snow around you, you’re wrong.
  • Traction spikes: any sort of extra traction should be available if needed.
  • Hat: did you know most of your body heat escapes out of your head and feet?
  • Waterproof boots: your shoes are sure to get wet when tromping through the snow, make sure your footwear is waterproof, so your fun isn’t ruined early.
  • Nourishment: snacks are a hiking necessity. Keep yourself energized and healthy by bringing along some great snacks.
  • Also, don’t forget to have fun!


Brooklyn Smout

Recreation Outlet Ogden

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