GSI Soloist Cookset

The GSI Pinnacle Soloist is a lightweight, backpacking cookset that includes all of the essentials in one sweet little package. In this cookset you will find a pot, a bowl/mug with insulating sleeve, a multi-use lid, a telescoping spork-like utensil (known as a “foon”), a stove bag, and a durable carrying case with fully welded seams that doubles as a backcountry sink.


The 1.1 L pot is made of Teflon coated, hard anodized aluminum. It is the perfect size to store everything included in the cookset along with an 8 oz. canister of fuel and a small stove. The pot features a sturdy handle with two locking positions that can be used; lock outward for cooking and folded in to secure all the contents inside.

The lightweight bowl/mug features convenient measurements printed on the side perfect for rationing out water for backpacking meals. It includes a thin insulating sleeve to help keep drinks and food hot as well as protects your hands from the heat.

The multi-use lid sits nicely on the pot for cooking and when flipped over snugly clicks into place on the bowl/mug. It features small holes for draining liquid after cooking as well as a utensil notch which doubles as a sipper spout for drinks.


When I first received the cookset I was very impressed with how well designed the product was! I loved how well everything fit together and how multi-functional almost every piece of the cookset was. The pot was a very decent size and appeared to be manufactured very well. I loved the functionality of bowl/mug and thought the measurements on the side were super convenient.

I wasn’t very impressed with the “foon”, GSI’s telescoping spork. It didn’t seem very durable to me and under inspection by my three year old son, he was easily able to pull it into two pieces. After a little bit of handling I was able to get it back together without any issues. After trying to fit all of the components of the cookset together including the fuel and my stove I had some issues. When using a slightly bigger stove, like my Optimus Crux, it would not fit with the “foon”, which was alright with me since I generally carry another utensil with me. If you were to use the recommended GSI stove or a stove of similar dimensions you wouldn’t have any issues.


I have been using this cookset pretty extensively over the last few months and I am extremely impressed with how well it has held up and how durable the nonstick coating has been. I was expecting the Teflon coating to start to flake off after a handful of uses like other pots that I have seen in the past, but use after use it remains intact with little to no signs of wear. Despite my previous worry about the foon’s durability, I still haven’t had a single problem with it in the field. I have used it mostly with freeze dried backpacking meals, oatmeal and, breakfast cereals. Although it may be lightweight, it isn’t my preferred utensil and I probably won’t continue to carry it with me on trips.


I have really enjoyed all of features this cookset has to offer. It is a lightweight, compact design that is packed full of multi-use high quality components. The only downside to this cook set that I have noticed is that it doesn’t have the second pot/lid that a lot of other cooksets include, making it harder to cook up some mini pancakes or other frying pan foods. However, overall I have preferred the benefits of having a lighter, tighter sealing lid. I have been very pleased with this cookset and definitely look forward to trying out more of GSI’s products in the future.


  • Weight: 10.9 Oz
  • Size: 5” X 5.4” X 5.5”
  • Materials: nonstick coating, hard anodized aluminum, clear polypropylene, Nylon 6-6
  • Includes: one one liter pot, one straining pot/bowl lid, one foon, one stove bag and one carry case/welded backcountry sink.
  • Warranty: Fully warrantied to the original owner of all manufactured defects.


Skyler Bair

Recreation Outlet

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