Wilderness Technology Stretch Pillow

Wilderness Technology Stretch Pillow

The Wilderness Technology Stretch Pillow is an ultralight, inflatable, backpacking pillow.

It features a one way inflation valve and a quick release valve. The pillow has a nice rounded edge on the top that fits very nicely in the hood of a mummy bag and has a concave rounded edge on the bottom to accommodate the curvature of your neck. It packs down to a very decent size and fits easily back into the carrying case it comes in.


When I first realized that three of these pillows collectively were smaller and weighed less than one of our current backpacking pillows I was pretty stoked! It seemed to be a nicely designed pillow, had a nice valve system and at a sweet price, I couldn’t say no. I was honestly a little concerned about the comfort compared to our current pillows. How could something so small still provide the support and comfort that I had come to expect from the others?

We decided to purchase one to try out at first. We immediately fell in love with it and would fight over who got to use it, usually resulting in an epic rock-paper-scissors battle. Soon, we wanted to upgrade all of our backpacking pillows to the Wilderness Tech Stretch Pillows. We went to purchase more but they were out of stock at the time. (Apparently other people had the same idea) We purchased two more pillows as soon as they became available. My wife, young son, and I have all now used the pillow in various conditions including the cold Uintah’s and hot southern Utah, in both a tent and a hammock. I was very surprised with how much I liked the way that the pillow fit into our bags and stayed there all night long. I really enjoyed how customizable the comfort is. I like the pillow a little softer as my wife likes the pillow firmer, both are achievable with the same design just with varying amounts of inflation.

When I brought this pillow home to surprise Lincoln, our three year old with his new camping pillow he was so excited! He immediately began running and jumping around with it and would throw it on the ground and completely drop down to try it out in different places around the house. Now that he has used it for a while I asked him what he thinks of his new pillow and he said “I really like it and sleeping on it and I like sleeping next to you and mommy with it. Yeah”

A few pros and cons to consider when thinking about Wilderness Technology’s Ultralight Pillow:

Pros: Super lightweight, extremely comfortable, fast and easy inflation, one way inflation valve and quick release deflation valve, awesome pack size, great ergonomics and extremely affordable!

IMG_0921.JPG  IMG_0922.JPG

Cons: Little deflation control – When I over inflate the pillow, or in the middle of the night when I realize that I would like the pillow a little less firm, it is difficult to release small amounts of air out of the slow release pull tab. I have not been able to get the pull tab to work on any of my pillows. If you are really careful you can open the quick release plug to let little bits of air out at a time. If you pull it too hard it comes open too much and immediately deflates entirely. It would be really nice to be able to have better deflation control. However, after I used the pillow enough to know how I like the pillow blown up in the first place it hasn’t been a problem anymore. This honestly is the only con I have come across from my own personal use and isn’t really a huge issue that would prevent me from recommending this pillow to someone else.

Overall, we are all very satisfied with this pillow and would recommend it to anyone looking for a backpacking pillow. Wilderness Technology did a killer job on this on and I hope to see more products like this!


Specs: (Directly from Recreationoutlet.com)

Weight 3 Oz

Stuff size 4.5” X 2” (In stuff sack)

Soft 4 way stretch material

Warranty: Lifetime common sense warranty from all manufacturing defects.

Now in 3 Colors

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