Scout Clinics & In-store Trainings

Clinics and training to educate people on outdoor activities

Scouting in Utah is a very prevalent pastime for young boys. With brothers who have been enjoying scout camp after scout camp for many years, I have watched as they struggle to get ready every year with gathering their gear and figuring out how to get situated for their trip. I’m sure my family is not the only family who has dealt with this. When I started working at Recreation Outlet, I learned about an awesome teaching experience that they offer. Recreation Outlet in Ogden has been putting together clinics that scouts and their families can participate in and learn from, some of which include ‘How to pack a pack’ and ‘Hammocking.’ I am excited to say that I was the first female employee to put on one of these scout clinics on ‘How to Pack a Pack’.

These scout clinics are awesome for so many reasons. There are plenty of scouts out there who are given the opportunity to go on backpacking trips every year, however, some of them have little to no experience in the backpacking field. Their families do not know how to prepare them and they end up not enjoying their trip because of lack of knowledge and preparation. The purpose of our clinics is to offer up our knowledge of backpacking to these kids and their leaders so that their trip can be more enjoyable. With an intricate outline, I was able to teach them; how to properly have weight distributed in their pack, how to organize their gear in a manner that would not be time consuming or difficult to access, how to take care of themselves while on the trip and how to prepare themselves beforehand, how to adjust their packs to fit them properly, and about proper nutrition before and during their trip.

Based on what the leaders told me after their clinics, they found them very helpful and a great success. Many of the boys were excited to learn some of the tricks to having a fun backpacking trip, it was also important that we taught them about teamwork on the trip. “You are only as fast as your slowest hiker.” Teaching them to work together was something that they had thought of for their trip, making this a group effort will improve their trip tenfold.

I am so stoked that I received this opportunity to teach Scout Clinics here at Recreation Outlet! These clinics were an awesome learning opportunity for me this summer, they challenged me to learn more about backpacking and all the technical specs behind each aspect of loading a backpack. These clinics also taught me how to be a better teacher and how to effectively present information to groups of people of all ages. I am so thankful for this great adventure that I was able to participate in this Summer! Give us a call if you want to sign your troop or youth group up for one!

Brooklyn Smout

Recreation Outlet Ogden


These clinics can be taught at any of our three locations and are not just for scout groups. Topics and information can be tailored to events or trips you might be taking. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a clinic, please call us and schedule one (2 weeks notice is preferred). We do not do clinics in relation to climbing.

Store Location     Phone Number         Address                                       Ask For

American Fork      801-763-7722              615 E. State Rd.                           Luke or Brady

Salt Lake City         801-484-4800              3160 S. State St.                          Wade or Dustin

Ogden                      801-409-9994              2326 S. Washington Blvd.         Jared or Austin

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