Rocky Loungin’

Rocky Loungin’

“A Dream Without A Plan Is Just A Wish,” And I like to personally add, “So Dream Big!”

One of my dreams is to visit as many National Parks as I can! Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado is now checked off the list! One of the best things about this park are its alpine lakes. The greatest thing about it is, they aren’t that hard to hike.

During the summer when it’s really busy you can have problems running into tons of people, but if you actually get there just a little before in the springtime, you can have the chance of having a more one on one experience with the beautiful sights. The date we were there was May 25th, 2017. The snow keeps more of the people away, so if you aren’t​ afraid of a little snow then these hikes are for you. Just make sure you take a good pair of hiking shoes. Waterproof shoes would be best with good grip, but if you like your sneakers take some yaktraxs just in case, it does get a little sloshy and slippery in the snow.

Starting at Bear Lake Trailhead where it’ll fork off to the left, you will just stay on that trail for approximately 1.1 miles until you get to Dream Lake. You’ll walk up through the pines on a beautiful trail that will lead you to your first alpine lake, (that is if you skip Bear Lake) Nymph Lake. It’s a pleasant little lake that you will want to take pictures at since that will be the first place you will really see Hallet Peak well!

There is a certain type of bird there that is really friendly, so don’t forget to say “Hi!”

You’ll continue on the right of the path and it’ll hook around the lake to head up higher. As you hike you’ll come up to the top of a rock that over hangs Nymph Lake where you can look down and get a pretty cool view. You can rest, eat some food, and just enjoy the view. There are great places to hang up 2 to 3 hammocks too, but I had my mind set on special location to hang my hammock.

Continuing on the trail, the trees will open up and to your left side you’ll see just a stretch of mountain ridges that will take your breath away.

The trail will start climbing up some stairs where it’ll become a little sloshy, so a little bit of maneuvering will save your feet from getting wet, since the runoff creates mini waterfalls on the trail.

As you reach one more hook on the trail, you will come to Dream Lake where you can take in the beauty of what the glacier has carved out. There you will see Hallet Peak and Flattop Mountain! There in front of the view, and to a little to the left where the trail will fork, we hung up our hammock and just soaked it in.

You know to get to places with this view would be much bigger hikes, but because you’re already up so high in the mountains at this National Park it only takes a little bit of effort to enjoy this great beauty!

This is something I would recommend to everyone since it’s an easy hike and not that long at all. And the reward is well worth it!

Article written by Daniel Rodgers

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