Lights of Camping

Lights of Camping

Hey everybody! Today we are talking about the different lights that “brighten” our camping experience.

SyncThe first one we will talk about is Headlamps. At Recreation Outlet we carry a few different brands of headlamps but, we will be talking about Princeton Tec and Lux pro brands. All these different headlamps come with different features, sizes and different lumen levels as well. The Princeton Tec headlamps offer a wide variety of options for those looking for a top of the line headlamp that is good for any outdoor activity. Their main line for outdoor activity headlamps include the Sync, Byte, Remix, and the Vizz offering you a range from 70 to 205 lumens these headlamps definitely will give you plenty of light. All their headlamps offer you easy adjustable strap to fit all head sizes and durable enough to withstand long periods of use. Each headlamp has unique features specific to that headlamp for instance the button for the Vizz glows red to allow for easy finding or the Sync uses a dial to switch between modes rather than a button. Overall a very good choice for light.


Lux Pro also offers a few varieties for headlamps and different amount of lumens. Some of your options include 120, 130, 140 and 200 hundred lumens. Each headlamp offers different modes/ beam options depending on the amount of lumens you have. The Lux Pro brand still has the wonderful features of a durable and adjustable headband and also allows for a good range of motion for the lamp to be adjusted to many different angles. They are less expensive than a Princeton Tec which is nice and still give a great amount of light. What I think the Lux Pro does best is their focused distance beams, they give a great range with clear light and long lasting power to get the most out of your batteries. Both headlamps are great choice! It just depends on the type of activities you’ll be doing, your price range and preference on features and adjustability.

Now that we’ve talked about headlamps the next big light source for camping is Lanterns!

carry, those being the helix backcountry, helix basecamp, helix rechargeable, and helix Bluetooth. These lanterns are great for just about any activity with them being so lightweight and compact you can use these around the house, night games, camping and even backpacking if you wanted. With the exception of the Helix backcountry, which offers 150 lumens, all their lanterns offer you 250 lumens. The lanterns have a swipe at the base of lantern to switch between the two white led modes and the bright red led lights as well. The lanterns give off a ton of light but also making it easy on the eyes as well, while also giving you plenty of long lasting light for night owls wanting to stay up. Other cool features include some of these being rechargeable, bluetooth capabilities for taking music to the outdoors. Each lantern also has a removable globe for more of a dome effect if desired and they have foldable legs to adjust height, angle and have hooks to throw up in the tent as well.

Lux Pro also happens to make some super bright and durable headlamps. They make a 150, 750 and 1000 lumen lanterns that can turn night into day with the push of a button or twist of a dial. These lanterns are great for just about any activity because of how much light they put off and each lantern has a pretty good range of how far they will brighten allowing you to have lots of space to move and see clearly without having to take the lantern with you. Each Lantern comes with various dimmable modes, for instance on the LP371 the dial allows you to choose anywhere from 100 lumens all the way to the full 1000 lumens depending on your needs. They also happen to be really durable with each one having a protective rubber case that’ll take a beating.

Well thanks everyone for reading, I hope this was informative for you and have a great week!

Zach Stone, Recreation Outlet, Salt Lake Store

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